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    This water is the most salty and the most concentrated in minerals in the world.Its composition in 21 minerals, among which magnesium, potassium and calcium are found in large quantities, makes this water essential for the care of the body as it soothes, regenerates, purifies and relieves skin problems.

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    A nourishing cream for the feet and knees, enriched with minerals and mud from the Dead Sea. Containing moisturizing ingredients, minerals and seaweed Dunaliella, the cream is quickly absorbed to wrap your feet in a deliciously silky sensation.

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    An effective formula designed to keep your feet silky smooth - a real treat for the driest, rough, and tired skin. Leave the feet refreshed and relaxed.Magnesium by the dermal route goes directly to the heart of the cells. A very big advantage, it does a good job very quickly.

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    Very popular for softening the skin, embellished with a small practical clip and adorned with a jewel of glass blown by hand by a Syrian craftsman.

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    A unique foot peel cream, enriched with natural Dead Sea active minerals, volcanic ash, tea tree oil, wheat germ oil, Aloe Vera juice and Menthol to nourish and nourish your skin. soften the skin.

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    This salt is rich in active minerals from the Dead Sea and essential oils. it helps clean the skin of the feet and remove dead cells while disinfecting and softening the skin.The foot bath with this specially formulated salt for tired feet helps prevent fungal infections, soothes and refreshes the skin, leaving it very soft and smooth.

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    The foot cream in the Alternative Plus series effectively cares for and tones the skin, softening dry and cracked skin. Improves the condition of the skin of the heels.

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